Ababol Products
ABABOL Products is our brand of mould products. We develop high-performance polymers for the comprehensive treatment of moulds with the following properties: they do not transfer, high thermal resistance, they do not leave residues, they do not require activation temperature and they guarantee perfect demoulding.
  • Demoulding of different products: epoxy, polyester, acrylic and phenolic polymer .matrix composite materials, rubbers and elastomers, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane, etc.
  • All types of processes: Rotomolding, Infusion, GRP, Casting, Injection, RTM, RIM, etc.
  • Demoulding on a wide variety of moulds: polyester, vinylester, metal, glass, etc.
KLEBENTECH is a technology company founded by professionals with experience in various fields of the chemical sector and that offers the market a complete range of products for:
  • Manufacture of epoxy and polyurethane matrix composites.
  • Encapsulated for electrical and electronic insulation.
  • Raw material for moulds and models in epoxy resin.
  • Structural adhesives.
  • Special sealants.
  • Special coatings.
  • Polymeric formulations for 3D printing.