The R&D&i activity of Clades Composites is carried out in its own laboratory where empirical research studies are produced thanks to a team with a long history in the chemical field. The technical staff is one of the main pillar of Clades Composites due to its avant-garde approaches in the field of composites.

In the Clades Composites laboratory our technicians work with cutting-edge machinery and equipment for the research and development of new products. Clades Composites continually invests in R&D&I to continue being a benchmark in the sector.


We have our own R&D laboratory and pilot plant in which to test new developments, as well as carry out quality controls on raw materials and finished products.

Our laboratory is provided with innovative material and instruments: facilities equipped with mixers, reactors, viscometers, stoves, scales, thermostatic baths, ultrasonic mixers, coolers and equipment suitable for physical-mechanical tests (traction, bending, abrasion…) adapted to constant production.

Contact us to receive the most suitable product for your production needs, as well as the technical support necessary for their evaluation.

Laboratorio de Clades Composites
Laboratorio de Clades Composites
Laboratorio de Clades Composites